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Together we now offer even more: iTEMS Berlin is part of the Quovadis test studio family.

We invested a 50 percent share in one of the best test studios in Germany: iTEMS Marktforschung Berlin. In the medium term, we intend to take over iTEMS completely … to offer four studios in the best areas in Germany’s largest cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

iTEMS Berlin suits us – because the studio, like our other three locations, is characterized by high-quality equipment, courteous service and very good recruitment. We share the same goal: Simplifying Research.

We make market research projects easy (and) successful. So that market researchers feel comfortable and can easily observe how well their interviews, tests and discussions are going. How good test persons provide valuable input. How the latest technology works smoothly. At the most important locations in Germany.

"With our partnership we are gaining new strength", says Ute Wetzlar, Managing Director of Quovadis. "A strength from which our customers in particular will benefit. Because it enables us to make our offers even better."

iTEMS Berlin and Quovadis have made a name for themselves in recent years as highly valued partners in qualitative and quantitative market research.

"I am very pleased to have found a strong partner for iTEMS in Quovadis. With our common quality standards, we can develop new solutions for future-oriented market research even in a changing market", adds Julia Ernst, Managing Director of iTEMS.

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iTEMS und Quovadis – Four studios together for our clients.

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