Simplifying research

Quovadis München

We make it easy for you.

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The ideal study works like a washing machine.

Simply set the quota and press the start button. And put it out of your mind. After all, we will be there to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Regular updates? Goes without saying. Last-minute changes? No problem. Your client has turned up unexpectedly? Does he prefer tea or coffee?

Simplifying research means making everything possible in an agreeable and reliable way.

1. Perfect respondents

With efficient test person marketing, we reach those people who are notoriously difficult to recruit. Because we target them in situations where they are sure to have the time. And in a way that they will enjoy. We use highly trained, full-time recruiters for maximum quality – this is because results-based fees often lead to unsuitable respondents. And constant maintenance of the database avoids helps to eliminate “professional respondents”.

2. Perfect processes

Precisely defined studies call for maximum organisation. Which is usually tested to its limits shortly before fieldwork is due to begin. If for example 500 frozen food products are to be delivered instead of the originally planned 200, meaning that new deep freezes have to be there in two hours’ time. We take these kind of challenges in our stride. After all, the faster and smoother the processes, the more effective the test. And the more valid the findings. And the less you have to worry about.

3. Perfect atmosphere

It goes without saying that our facilities are state-of-the-art. However, we also feel more at home in attractive, upmarket surroundings. We find that it is a more enjoyable experience for you, your customers, our respondents and us to conduct our work in well-lit rooms with comfortable designer furniture. With friendly people all around. Enjoying good food. Mixing business with pleasure sometimes makes perfect sense.

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Simplifying research means being able to relax in the knowledge that your study is in good hands.