Simplifying research

Your customers need a solid basis for their decision-making. With this in mind, you developed an intelligent study for them. And we will be there to make sure that it comes to fruition.

So that you can give your customers the exact information they need. A high-quality, friendly and straightforward service:


Because presentation is vital, our package is designed to please the eye. With attractive surroundings. Appealing design furniture. Appetising food. Perfect technology. Oh yes – and of course perfectly suited test persons.


Friendliness is second nature to us. Of course, hospitality is second nature here in Cologne. But also because it makes for a more pleasant experience for all concerned. For you, your customers and your test persons. Because it makes everything easier.


Whatever you have planned, whatever you need, whatever happens – we will look after it. Quickly and without unnecessary questions. This is because we feel that our job is to solve problems for our customers. Not to create new ones.

Simplifying research means:
Don’t worry.
Your study will turn out fine.