Focus groups & one-to-one interviews

Quovadis Köln GD3 1

It is all about the personal touch. The kind of openness that generates real results.

So it is fitting to have offices that offer superior comfort and atmosphere. Only those who feel at ease in face-to-face situations will say the all-important sentence. The sentence that will later prove to be the core of the findings.

Quovadis Köln GD2 1

Opinions are shared and compared.

It is all about being open towards the tested object, towards moderators’ questions and towards other people’s comments. An openness that is enhanced through spacious rooms, ample daylight and comfortable designer appointments.

An openness that, if required, can also be generated by our specially trained and highly experienced moderators.

With methodology and personality, they create the mood that is required for turning participants’ initial cautious restraint into enthusiastic participation and, in turn, valuable research findings. So much so that you almost feel like joining in behind the one-way mirror.