The source of knowledge

You supply the right questions and we’ll supply the right respondents.

Three factors for the perfect quota.

And two of these are of particular importance: our full-time recruiters and our strategic test person marketing.

1. Full-time recruiters

Our recruiters ensure that even special quotas are met and that our database is constantly growing. This explains why they are not only well trained and experienced but also work for us on a full-time basis for a fixed salary. As their fee is not tied to the number of test persons they recruit, they can focus on quality rather than quantity, filling the quotas with the best possible respondents.

2. Test person marketing

We are also in a position to fill complicated quotas in that we have sought out suitable test persons beforehand. Not only with our own recruitment website but also with traditional marketing. Even difficult target groups are reached with posters and banners – we target them in situations where they are sure to have the time. And where they will enjoy taking part. In the same place that we also find high-income top managers that cannot be recruited on the street.

3. Ongoing data administration

Our company call centre contacts all potential test persons, verifying their details and including them in our ever-growing database. This means that we currently have a well maintained pool of over 50,000 test persons.

Perfect test persons.
Perfect market research.